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omg what a twist good game 

This is very good :)

I felt sorry for the people


interestin visuals, and more interesting comments from the enemies :)


Are ya winning, son?

This game is beautifully created. I love how you made it 3d with these little sprites. I do wish I could turn with the mouse, but I'm getting the hang of it.


I had fun Playing this Game, Seriously Didn't put two and two together near the end at first until it happened, I had fun recording this Game BUT I will admit I was stupid because I couldn't get to the Graveyard until I learned how to get it, 10/10 Do recommend.

Here's my Link if your curious


I feel great shame. Nice use of the asset pack!

I really liked searching for everyone, the camera is a bit annoying but given your feature list I'm guessing you just didn't have enough time to adjust it


3.08.01 Do I have the world record?


What an excellent game! I felt bad killing all the pleasant people. This is an imaginative use of the art pack! And 10/10 ending. The humor in this game was stellar!

Some feedback:

- The deceleration on the rotation was a little loose. I felt myself over-spinning a lot. I would have preferred a snappier rotation.

- The font was the slightest bit hard to read on some words!

crashed on last kill

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that sucks, sorry. I will fix it as soon as I can

edit: I think it's fixed now! thanks a lot for reporting

fix confirmed.


Really enjoyed this!  Took me a bit to get used to no mouse look, but the humor and environment were top notch.  I loved the little wind effects (assuming those were particles?)   Great texture work!

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yup! they are particles with a trail and only the trail is visible (if I didn't forgot to disable the said particle lol). I take the idea from this video. It's done in Unity, but I'm sure you can apply it to any other engine's particle system

edit: i forgot the video ^^'


Thanks!  I bookmarked it!


Very funny and well polished. "I did'nt like that kid either" made me laugh.