Oh, thanks for reading this. I didn't think anybody would.

The game controls are pretty simple, but I'll tell you a secret to reward your interest: holding certain buttons will do something useful, specially for speedruning.

Hope you like it.

Made by @SamberoDev

Sound and music by @GroovelStudio

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsFast-Paced, Speedrun, Top-Down


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Really interesting concept! Surprisingly well executed, coming back to another room didn't feel frustrating, the mechanics keep making you push forward.


Nice Game, Good job!

I like the flop of the ears


n posso joga o jogo n abre :(

Esto es un PASOTE! Me flipa la idea y está super guay pulido, es un ejemplo de oro de lo que tendria que ser un juego de jam❤️

muchas gracias Ivan! que un artistazo como tú lo aprecie me calienta el corazoncito <3

Enhorabuena, has sido un placer jugarlo. La mecánica es muy entretenida y esta muy bien implementada. Te agradezco el detalle de que el collider de los cuadros no sea exacto, me he salvado algunas veces cuando me ha rozado :P. 

En serio, está genial, mi más sincera enhorabuena.

me alegro mucho de que te haya molado tanto! Mil gracias ^^

Que guay os ha quedado al final!


gracias tío ^^ el tuyo me ha molado también. Un puntazo darle pospro/partículas/música y sonidos diferentes a cada personaje. Hay algo si completas la lista de tareas? no he llegado a los 69 monedos, pero si hay algo lo vuelvo a intentar

Cada tarea te desbloquea una skin


This was great! The kind of soft fail state with falling back to one of previous rooms works really well for this.

Reminds me of older web games in a pleasant way that I couldn't quite describe.

I appreciate that it's just a room lol. I did something similar on my end, but not as much. You should check it out later! It's going to be done in a few hours

oh, thanks! I'll definitely check it out after the submission time ends

Yeah totally!